Some centuries ago, it was the duty of the man to provide for the home while the woman catered to domestic activities within and around the home. However, the world has so changed that in most families both the man and the woman work. Despite both parties putting in the effort to raise money to provide for the needs of the home, they sometimes do not earn enough to comfortably meet every expense, let alone having anything to save. Hence, there might be the need to look for other sources of income that you can comfortably do in addition to your full-time job if you are looking to increase your income. This article will discuss tips to earn more money apart from your full-time job.


One of the major ways to make money apart from your full-time job is by investing. In most cases, your investments will be such that it will take a long time before you can start profiting from them. However, there are also many short-term investments that you can opt for. This will require choosing between high-risk short-term investments with the potential of paying huge returns and the huge possibility of losing your capital or you can look for safer short=term investments whose returns could be minimal. You can easily read reviews on US-Reviews to know which short-term investments you can invest in.

You will be able to find the experience of other people who have put their money into a short-term investment and long-term investments as well as how the investment fared. You should invest in a company with mostly positive reviews that testify of profitable investment. With this, there will be a high chance that you will also make a profit when you invest in the company.


Freelancing is another job that many people do in addition to their full-time job to make extra income. One of the major benefits of freelancing is that it is flexible. You discuss everything with the customer including deadlines and price. Hence, you can accept jobs that you are comfortable with and reject jobs that you are not comfortable with. You can also decide when you work. Hence, if your full-time job is the regular 8 am to 4 pm or 8 am to 5 pm, you might decide that you want to use 8 pm to 10 pm or 2 am to 4 am for freelancing purposes. Within those 2 hours, you will be able to do a job worth a few dollars. If you keep at it daily or every weekday for a month, you will have made some substantial amount that will serve as extra income.


There are always events during weekends and public holidays. Those are also the period when your full-time job will not require your presence. Hence, you can take advantage of the free time and available events to do photography on a part-time basis. You can cover weddings and birthday parties among others for a fee. The profit you make from covering the events will provide you with more money apart from your full-time job’s salary.


Many people have good ideas but do not have the funds to pursue the idea. If you happen to know one of such people, have the funds, but don’t have time because of your full-time job, you could go into a partnership. They put in the time to run their idea, while you provide them with the capital. There will be the need to decide on how the profit from the business will be shared, mostly in percentage. You should also have a written agreement signed with witnesses that testifies to the sharing formula and other details of the partnership.